AQUME Law, PLLC is committed to establishing creative partnerships with financial agreements that work for both the firm and client. Clients are continuously seeking affordable yet quality legal services and representation and this firm aims to deliver exactly that.

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Understanding your legal needs includes the firm’s ability to see beyond a standard billable-hour fee structure; as a result, fee structures may vary depending on the nature of your case. An attorney will always explain the fee options available to you at your first meeting. This firm is willing to engage in alternative fee arrangements ranging from hourly fees, flat fees, contingency fees, or a combination of multiple options.

AQUME Law, PLLC is proud of the legal work accomplished by the firm and is ready to develop unique fee arrangements that will work to serve your legal needs.


This firm handles most cases with flat fees, meaning that you know exactly how much your case will cost from the very beginning.

For more complex matters, you may be charged an hourly fee, invoiced monthly to you. As a benefit to you, depending on the case, the firm may provide a a cap for the maximum amount that can be billed for that case. Meaning that you will not pay additional fees if the case happens to require more hours than originally anticipated.

A contingency fee structure means that the firm is only able to collect a fee based on a percentage of the settlement or conclusion of your case. This fee arrangement is only offered in limited situations. An attorney will discuss if this option is right for you.

At times, the firm may implement a hybrid approach where you receive a fee structure that utilizes two or more of the options above in order to create an affordable method for you to begin addressing your legal needs while maintaining your other financial obligations.


metal business chrome lockYou are required to pay for the costs associated with your case no matter what type of fee agreement we agree upon. Some examples of costs in court cases might include filing fees charged by the court, the cost of a court reporter to produce a deposition transcript, expert witness fees, travel expenses of the attorney for traveling to and from court,   copying costs, postage, as well as any other costs attributed to the file. Depending on the nature of your case, the case costs can be built into the overall fee structure. However, in many cases, you will receive a monthly bill for costs connected to your case.


Schedule permitting, the firm strives to provide pro-bono legal services for low income individuals. Meaning that you are only responsible for paying for the court costs associated with your case, such as court filing fees. You would not be responsible for paying for my time as the attorney working on your case. Please contact AQUME Law, PLLC if you have a pro-bono representation request.


All active and former military personnel will receive 15% off all legal services.