Our History

Ciarra C. Adkins, JD founded AQUME Law, PLLC, a Black woman-owned virtual law firm, in 2018 after spending three unsuccessful years trying to enter the West Michigan legal market. AQUME Law, PLLC is committed to providing excellent legal services to individuals and businesses. Our firm practices law in the areas of intellectual property, business, cannabis, and contract law.

In honor of the Black culture’s history of creatively changing the spelling of common words, ‘AQUME’ is a derivative of ‘acme’ which means the pinnacle of excellence – which is exactly what you will receive from us!

Our firm specializes in servicing start-ups and small businesses, primarily BIPOC business communities who are often priced out of the legal market.

Overall, AQUME Law, PLLC promotes innovation wherever possible; thus we operate virtually for the unique benefits that it provides our clients and staff members. Plus, this operation model provides drastically reduced overhead costs which affords us the ability to pass substantial savings onto our customers; supporting our mission to address the legal gaps within our local community.