Dispute Resolution, May 2018
“My landlord was trying to unfairly keep my rent and security deposit even after I left the unit in better condition than when I first moved in. I almost gave up because I didn’t know what to do. I was referred to Ciarra by a friend and calling her was the best choice I ever made. She listened to me and told me exactly what I needed to do and say to my Landlord. She even helped me draft a letter. In the end, I was able to receive all of the money owed to me. I owe a huge thank you to her. I would recommend Ciarra to anyone in need of a lawyer who actually cares about people.”


Consumer Rights and Protection, January 2018
“I am a disabled veteran who was deep underwater with all of my bills compared to my social security income. Ciarra was able to help me figure out my options for how to sort out my various creditors and how to get on a couple programs that would help me pay off my debts. I now have a structured budget and more money in my pocket every month thanks to her help.”


Employment Law, October 2017
“I was a top executive who was unjustly let go by my employer. They further insulted me by offering me a paltry two weeks severance package! I was in a total state of shock, frustration and anger. I contacted Ciarra and she immediately rearranged her schedule to meet with me and helped me to understand all of my options. She did not pressure me at all. In the end, Ciarra was instrumental in me receiving a fair severance package from that employer. I could not have chosen a better attorney.”